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Businessman’s grandson relieved of just under $10,000

Businessman’s grandson relieved of just under $10,000


George Howard is calling on the relevant authorities to deal with the increasing levels of crime in the country.{{more}}

The call was made after Howard’s grandson was robbed at gunpoint by two masked men shortly after 8 p.m Tuesday, November 1, just outside the businessman’s home at Edinboro.

The men got away with a little under $10,000 in cash, just as the young man and another female employee arrived at Howard’s home to drop off the day’s earnings, Howard told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I was sitting down waiting for the money to be brought up and all I heard was, Howard, they robbin’ Ajani!” he said.

Howard said that his grandson took off after the men, but they had already gotten away.

He has been in business for over 40 years. However, Howard said that this is the first time that this has happened.

The assumption is that the bandits may have known that the money was going to be dropped off, Howard said.

As a result, the veteran businessman said he will be exploring other alternatives to depositing the day’s earnings.

But while he said he is pleased with the quick response by the Police, he said that more needs to be done by the government and the other relevant authorities to quell the increasing number of crimes being committed.

“I think the government has a right to search these areas – the Commissioner (of Police) must do that,” Howard told SEARCHLIGHT.

“Taxpayers are paying money to pay these people, and it hard when you work for your money and it would have a whole set ah young fellas ain’t doing nothing.”

He said that something needs to be done and that he blames the government.

“They need to stop it,” Howard said, adding that while crime has been a problem throughout the country’s history, it is now rampant, with the majority of the crimes being committed by young men.

Howard’s comments came on the heels of comments made by Minister of National Mobilisation, Sport, Youth etc. Frederick Stephenson who at the recently held National Youth Awards said that dealing with crime is everybody’s business.

“I constantly hear talk what is government doing about crime, but the government is you the people; so when we hear or see crime, we should be saying collectively what are we doing to rid crime,” the minister said.

Stephenson further stated that society has become selfish and that people no longer care about what is taking place with their neighbour. (DD)