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Bowman receives National Youth award for his achievements in Music

Bowman receives National Youth award for his achievements in Music


Ten-year-old Saeed Bowman is indeed happy to be awarded a National Youth Award for his achievements in music.{{more}}

Saeed, the son of Roland and Lesley Bowman of Upper Cane Hall, received an award at the Schools’ Independence Rally on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

Saeed, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, November 2, 2011, stated that he felt great about receiving the award.

“I feel great about receiving the award, because I know I worked really hard for it,” he said.

Saeed began playing music at seven years old. He began with the steel pan and is tutored by Ashley Kirby of Edinboro. He currently plays the steel pan, guitar and piano, but does not intend to add other instruments to his repertoire as yet.

“I just like to keep it simple,” he said. He added that he enjoys playing the steel pan the most, as it is the first instrument he learnt to play.

He explained that his love for the steel pan developed after seeing Panist Raejaun “Dixie” Baptiste play the instrument.

“I wanted to be just like him,” Saeed stated. He added that he also looks up to Kingsley “Hero” Roberts, another panist, and Linda Allen and Burton McDonald, his piano and guitar tutors, respectively.

Saeed, a pupil of the Sugar Mill Academy, is a member of both the Junior and Senior divisions of the Starlift Steel Orchestra. He has also played at many shows, including major Carnival shows, parties, weddings, church, dinners, among others.

Saeed extended thanks to his parents and his uncle Lennox Bowman who he says “treats me like his own son”. He also thanked his teachers, his piano tutor Linda Allen, his guitar teacher Burton McDonald and his Steel Pan tutor Ashley Kirby who is “the best ever’’, according to Saeed.

Saeed has already completed his grade one theory exam with the Royal School of Music in London and obtained a distinction.

On Saturday, October 29, he wrote his grade two theory exam and is awaiting the results.

His goal is to obtain a PHD in Music, majoring in Steel Pan.(OS)