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Sagicor Life Inc. now has its own building

Sagicor Life Inc. now has its own building


After doing business in St. Vincent and the Grenadines since 1856, on Independence Day, October 27, Sagicor Life Inc held a ceremony for the official opening of their own building.{{more}}

In bold black letters, the new building, which is located at Frenches, has ‘I.A.L Building’ painted at the front.

I.A.L (Incorporated Agencies Ltd) is a locally own company and are the agents for Sagicor.

Welcome remarks to the small gathering were delivered by Stanley Browne, Agency Manager, who described the occasion as a “proud moment”.

Meanwhile, Managing Director for Incorporated Agencies Ltd Sydney Hazell told the gathering that it had been his dream for the past 25 years for the insurance company to have its own home.

He, however, added that although his dream is now a reality, there were a number of challenges along the way.

“It started in 1986 when I requested an architect to draw me a plan for a small office building, but after two years waiting, I asked him for the plan and I gave up on it”…, he explained.

It was in 1996, when Hazell made another attempt at achieving his dream and wrote the Physical Planning Department to find out if this area was available for commercial purposes.

“They requested a site plan and a preliminary drawing for the proposed building. This is the time when Mr. Ken Minors drew the plan and they were presented. I felt confident that approval will be given for me to proceed, but that didn’t happen.

“After many telephone calls to the planning authority and they promised to get back to me (I’m still waiting), for the second time, I shredded my building plan, but the dream still continued.

“Between 1996 and 2002, a series of events took place and I want to mention just one of those events that brought us here today. That event was when Mr. Stanley Browne joined the company.”

Hazell disclosed that Browne joined the insurance company in 2002 as Agency Manager and under his dynamic leadership, increased the sales so much that additional office space had to be rented to accommodate the agents.

“The growth of the business over those eight years under his leadership is phenomenal. As a result of the increased business, the administrative offices were becoming congested for proper functioning; a decision had to be made. Do we rent a building or build one?

“Again for the third time, the building occupied my mind. This time it was that inner feeling that urged me to get started, so I prayed for guidance…”

In August 2010, Hazell made a third attempt to construct the building and said he went back to the original architect, Aurin Bennett, and discussed his plan for the lot of land which now houses the company.

Following the remarks, the building was blessed by Dean of St. George’s Cathedral the very Reverend Patrick McIntosh.

After 155 years of service to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Sagicor Life Inc continues to offer life and health insurance, property and casualty (general) insurance, residential and commercial mortgages, as well as pension investment and administration services.(AA)