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GG calls on media to promote more positive headlines

GG calls on media to promote more positive headlines


Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne is of the opinion that the media needs to promote more positive headlines.{{more}}

Sir Frederick’s comments were made on Saturday, October 29, at Government House, where he hosted a dinner reception for the 2011 Unsung Hero, Cleopatra Jackson.

“If you read the newspapers on a weekly basis, you will find they are filled with negativity and one would think that nothing good happens in the country. At least when something good happens, it’s never in the headlines; it’s always murder, rape, mayhem and such things…

“It’s heartening when things like this (Unsung Hero) happen in the country that makes all of us proud,” he said.

The Governor General’s statement was supported by Minister of Social Development Frederick Stephenson, who also expressed the same sentiments during his address.

“I think that there are many positives in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in relation to our young people and many positives throughout that go unnoticed by the media.

“I think that tonight’s proceedings here, honouring an Unsung Hero is something that I would love to see make the headlines for the newspapers on Tuesday and also Friday…” Stephenson stated.

The Minister also commended the CIBC/First Caribbean bank for taking the initiative to recognize the positive contribution by Vincentians.

“It is not only for the government to recognize persons, but also the local and regional institutions can see it fit to honour and recognize persons for the tremendous work towards community development they would have done over the many years,” he added.(AA)