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Four UWI Open Campus students awarded bursaries and laptops

Four UWI Open Campus students awarded  bursaries and laptops


Administrator of the Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) Lavinia Gunn has expressed satisfaction that, this year, males are among the recipients of the 2011/2012 university bursaries.{{more}}

Gunn made her sentiments known at the UWI Open Campus conference room, where bursaries, valued at approximately EC$5,400 each, and laptops, valued at EC$2,700 each, were handed over to the four recipients.

The four were Kerwin Jackson, who is pursuing a degree in Educational Leadership and Management, Graham Greaves who is studying BSc Accounting, Jason Hannaway who is doing a BEd in Secondary English/Literature Education (and was unable to be present, because he was, coincidentally, handing out government laptops) and Sharlene Wyllie who is doing her BSc in Management Studies.

Gunn explained that this was the second year that the bursaries and laptops have been distributed by the MCT, and she was pleased to see the reversal in sexes.

She expounded, “We are very happy to give the men the support, because we understand from UWI that the male entrants to programmes are very, very low; it’s all skewed entrance towards females…we are very pleased to see that the men in St. Vincent are moving forward towards tertiary education.”

The MCT Administrative representative also said that it was the Trust’s hope that the laptops and bursaries would remove some of the financial burdens the awardees face, so that they could concentrate on their studies and achieve and live their dreams. She said that the MCT was pleased to support individuals, particularly in education, who were able to give back to the children.

New Head of the UWI Open Campus Deborah Dalrymple thanked the MCT for being a kind corporate collaborator that continues to build this nation through its contributions.

Also thanking the MCT on behalf of the awardees was Kerwin Jackson, who described the Trust as “a special group of people.”

He appreciatively added that he was grateful for the gifts given, whether big or small, but that the “magnitude” of the contribution made by MCT, despite the harsh economic times was welcomed.

The MCT bursary comprises assistance with annual fees and laptops. Candidates must have also proven academic qualifications to fulfill the entrance requirements of the UWI Open Campus, relevant work experience if employed, economic need and ability to complete the area of study. For more information email: [email protected]

The three bursary holders who took the awards and laptops in 2010 were Samantha Browne, Roxanne Campbell and Rosmond Richardson.