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KPS holds community day at the school

KPS holds community day at the school


As part of the integration process of the students’ netbook computers into the school’s curriculum, the Kingstown Preparatory School welcomed parents on Tuesday, October 25, to observe their children doing classwork on the laptops.{{more}}

Throughout the day, parents visited the school and used the opportunity to also interact with the teachers on the progress of their children.

Some parents were also observed sitting in some of the classes with their children, observing as the teacher taught the day’s lesson using the netbooks.

One of the teachers, Fiona Charles, explained to SEARCHLIGHT that they use the netbooks not only to access the Internet, but also for various subject areas in the classrooms.

“We do composition notes on the netbooks with the children, dictation, and data recording as well and especially for my subjects in science and health education, we do a lot of research using the Internet as well…” the teacher noted.

According to Charles, the reception by parents was overwhelming.”

“The parents were eager and they were willing to participate. They asked a lot of questions and they observed a lot…

“It was good to interact with the parents on that level so that they can feel more confident about the teachers that the students have, and the type of education the students are receiving,” Charles added.

Some of the students also expressed excitement about the initiative.

“It was exciting because our parents were able to come in and see us do our school work on the netbook,” said Marla Samuel, a grade 4 pupil.

Carol Ross, the school’s Headteacher, thanked the parents for visiting and observing their children using the netbooks.

“I saw some parents actually sitting in the classrooms and that was a good thing,” she noted.

She however disclosed that the pupils have been using the netbooks since the start of the school term in September.

“Some of the teachers have been putting the content that they intend to teach on the netbook as a power point presentation.

“We suggested that the teachers have some sites that the students can access and practice word games, math and other educational programs,” Ross said.(AA)