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Diamonites to host Independence celebration


The Diamonites Community Organisation will host an Independence Celebration, Culture Callalo, on Saturday, October 29, at 3:30 pm at the Diamond Government School.{{more}}

The event will feature cultural performances from Sandy Bay Chatoyer Dancers, JEMS Community Organisation, Ndradgo Drumming Group, South Central Windward Steel Pan, Diamond Heritage Drummers, Diamonites Young and Upcoming Performers, and other performing groups from across St. Vincent.

The general public is invited to join them for a night of poems, creole speeches, dramatizations, and songs that celebrate our nation’s 32nd year of Independence.

The Diamonites Community Organisation has been a leader in the cultural arts and the Independence movement. In the late 1970s, the organisation worked together with other youth and community organisations across St. Vincent to push for Independence. The energy and commitment to the movement instilled in the youth the belief that they could change and shape the nation’s future. The Independence movement was a ripple effect; it was individual and community acts of resistance that together created a mighty current that swept away oppression.

This year, our nation celebrates our Independence under the theme “working together to transform our nation.” It is a call that has been echoed before and is being set forth again to recognize the need for leadership, commitment and dedication to the future.

The Diamonites Community Organisation seeks to shape its community’s future through cultural and educational programmes that remind our youth of not only what it was like in great, great gandpa days, but also of our underlying values and belief system. The values and beliefs in God and loving thy neighbour as thyself are what make our society great. At this time, they are in desperate need of revival. Today, our organisation makes the commitment to celebrate and pays tribute to our Independence by answering the call to transform our nation.