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Bagga man alleges police brutality

Bagga man alleges police brutality


A Barrouallie resident is seeking compensation for damage to his motorcyle and injuries he alleges he sustained at the hands of two members of the police force.{{more}}

Ridley Derby said that he was pulled off his motorcycle by two men who he said were later identified as police officers.

The incident occurred shortly after 10:00 a.m last Sunday, October 23, Derby told SEARCHLIGHT, following an altercation which occurred at a shop.

Derby said that earlier that morning, he was in the shop owned by his mother when an already intoxicated man entered.

After being told to leave, Derby said the man spat in his face and he (Derby) admitted to hitting the man.

Derby explained that, apparently, a report of assault must have been made. However, as he was making his way back to the shop after running an errand, he was confronted by the men who pulled him off his motorcycle.

“Up to now I doh know who dem be,” the injured man told SEARCHLIGHT.

Derby explained that he briefly fell unconscious and it was not until he regained consciousness that residents who had witnessed the event told him that the two men were police.

After being knocked to the ground, Derby said that the men left him there.

They, however, took the motorcycle, Derby explained.

He sustained injuries to his arm and the side of his face and he said that his motorcycle was damaged, for which he says he is seeking compensation.

He contends that the men did not identify themselves nor did they ask him to stop. He added that the police are yet to arrest or charge him with anything, stating that the police know his whereabouts.

Derby also said that he is not a troublemaker and has no previous run-ins with the law.

He said that he has already made a report of the incident to the Police Public Relations and Complaints Department in Kingstown, but adds that he wants some justice for the wrong that he says has been done to him.(DD)