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Suzanne’s Hair Studio gives back to the community

Suzanne’s Hair Studio  gives back to the community


Warm smiles and quiet conversations filled the Suzanne’s Hair Studio, as senior citizens were treated to a day of pampering.{{more}}

Hair coloring, relaxing and jerry curls, washing and hair treatments were the orders of the day, as Suzanne’s Hair Studio’s annual independence special for seniors got underway on Wednesday, October 19, 2011, at the studio, upstairs Kismet Beauty Supplies.

The day began around 9:00 a.m with a worship session, an opportunity to give thanks and praise to God and also to greet each other.

One of the oldest customers and the first to finish her hair, Marjorie Jackson, was thus far, enjoying her morning. “It’s been a lovely morning,” she said further commending the staff for a job well done. “It’s marvelous how they did things in such a way that nobody was tired or bored,” she said.

First time customer at the seniors independence special Mildred Smith’s hair was untouched when SEARCHLIGHT spoke with her, but she was looking forward to being pampered. Smith, who said that she has never relaxed her hair before, planned on getting it washed and treated. She, too, commended Suzanne and her staff for their generous service.

Though she just had her hair washed and treated, Robertha Pope plans to have it cut and jerry curled for her 70th birthday next month. Describing her morning as good, Pope further commended Suzanne for giving back to the community, despite economic hardships.

“It’s a day I really look forward to,” proprietor Suzanne Goodluck said, adding that the seniors are very appreciative of the service.

Paula Myers, hairstylist on staff, described her first experience working with the seniors. Relating that the seniors were very appreciative, Myers added that it is nice to be able to make seniors feel appreciated and to indulge them in pampering as most times they are forgotten.(OS)