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Schools hold exhibitions to mark World Food Day

Schools hold  exhibitions to mark World Food Day


In celebration of World Food Day, which was observed around the world on Sunday, October 16, a number of schools held activities under the theme “Food prices – from crisis to stability”.{{more}}

The Clare Valley Government School was one such school. They held an exhibition on Thursday October 13.

When SEARCHILGHT arrived at the school, the students were seen eating locally produced foods, which included sugar cakes, fudge, ripe bananas, locally made juices and barbecued chicken with ground provision, which was provided for lunch at the school’s cafeteria.

Principal of the school, Godfery James said that the school has been observing World Food Day over the years, but this year’s contribution does not compare to the previous years.

“This year was not on par with last year. This year we spent more money in order to make it successful. Last year we asked for contributions and received much more than we did this year. Even persons who we asked to contribute things like breadfruit, we had to pay them,” he said.

James further explained that there was also a reduction in contributions from the parents and according to him, this was caused by the “down turn in agriculture in the country.”

Also on hand, taking in the school’s activity was Leroy Jackson, the regional supervisor for agriculture in region one, which includes areas from Lowmans Leeward to Richmond.

Jackson said that the initiative undertaken by the schools is a very welcome one and he was very impressed with the organization by the school to address the issue of World Food Day.

“I’m more impressed when I see the exhibits that they are showcasing. This makes me feel that there is a lot of talent among the youths and there is a consciousness among them about the awareness importance of food.

“I think it’s an initiative that can be promoted next year among other schools of the region to showcase what we can do with food and its raw material,” Jackson added.

Then on Friday October 14, another Primary School also took the time out to get the students involved in the observation of World Food Day. This time it was the Kingstown Preparatory School.

The students there were also encouraged to buy local produce which was donated by parents.

Organizer for the school’s food fair was Michele Joyette told SEARCHLIGHT that the idea was initiated several years ago and they wanted to continue the trend of getting parents and students to eat local as part of celebrations for World Food Day.

The theme for the school’s activity was “Sustaining Our Livelihood, Eat Local.”

“Each Grade was assigned a list to contribute vegetables, fruit or ground provision, once it was local,” said Joyette.

She also commended the parents for their contribution and support of the initiative.(AA)