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Jack is new Country Manager at LIME

Jack is new Country Manager at LIME


Leslie Jack, LIME’s newly appointed country manager, says that he is settling into his new position and he is wasting no time in getting started with the task ahead.{{more}}

He takes over at a point, he explained, where the company is getting ready to launch a new line of modern telecommunications services, including LIME TV and the recent EDGE upgrade.

But more important, Jack said that he believes his task as leader would be to help develop the talent that already exists and to harness it so that someone else will be able to take his place one day.

“Leaders get visibility based on how their colleagues operate,” Jack said.

He has already embarked on a project that he says will revamp customer service.

“It’s going to take some time for persons to get into that groove, but you are going to see some things coming out where it would be a standard for LIME,” Jack told SEARCHLIGHT.

“We are not just here to sell products and services, but we are here to sell you much more than that,” he continued.

His appointment makes him the first Vincentian to head the local branch in over 15 years, a feat, he says, speaks to the development and competence of the local staff.

“For me, it speaks volumes as a nation to what we have been doing, and for LIME Caribbean and International to see the importance and confidence in appointing a local.”

But more important, Jack says that he is looking forward to seeing how the rest of the staff evolves.

After all, he maintains that LIME SVG has made a name for itself over the years and that there has been a lot of focus on what is going on here, he further explained.

“A lot of what we are doing now is being modeled across the region,” he explained.

Never mind all the fanfare, Jack said that it was a very humbling experience to be named country manager.

He beat out three others, two of whom were also Vincentians, for the position.

But his previous work experiences have given him sufficient experience for his new position.

Jack said his career with Cable & Wireless, as it was known before being rebranded, started after he had had enough as a banker and was looking for a challenge.

“I like progression, but I like to take things in stages,” he said.

He started in the capacity of Account manager for the company’s corporate customers.

Jack would later be promoted to Premier Account Director, where he was charged with dealing with the most important customers; he would then move on to the post of Manager for Corporate Sales, in which capacity he served for two years.

Jack told SEARCHLIGHT that he then made a decision to do a stint in the Cayman Islands, where he worked for close to two years.

He said that he made that decision because he said he needed some experience outside the country.

He returned to St Vincent, where he headed the Customer Experience team before being appointed Head of Retail Sales.

Jack remained in that capacity until July of this year, when he said he served as the acting country manager, following the departure of the previous country manager, Angus Steele.

But while some might say that he has accomplished a lot, Jack thinks differently. He says he does have some future aspirations – none of which he disclosed.

He said that he is up for the challenge of his new post, adding that he takes a unique approach to leadership.

“My leadership style is generally not about me,” Jack explained.

He added that as manager, he would have to rely on the assistance of all members of staff.

“Because, really, as a leader, that is what we need to do.”

Jack further contended that in terms of culture and talent, one of the important roles of LIME was that of nation building.

To develop staff and their holistic approach, so there can be a difference in the way they interact with those around them.

He said that he will be taking the humble approach, something he attributes to his upbringing.

“My parents didn’t have a lot of money. During the summer time I used to work,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

And one important quality, Jack says, is that he takes the spiritual aspect of life seriously.

“I would never tell anyone that I live a perfect life. I am still far from it,” he said, adding that he tries to live true to the Word of God.