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HOPE foundation hosts an Evening of Excellence awards ceremony

HOPE foundation hosts an Evening of Excellence awards ceremony


As the spirit of Independence fills the air, Director of Maritime Administration David Robin is calling on Vincentians to pursue positive excellence.{{more}}

Robin, who was the featured speaker at the Helping Others Pursue Excellence (HOPE) Foundation “Evening of Excellence Award Ceremony” last Saturday at the Golden Years Centre at Cane Grove, pointed out that there were too many people pursing negative channels instead of working to enhance the greater good. He pointed out that “focus” was an important element in pursuing excellence but that this pursuit also depended on the individual commitment of the “man in the mirror.”

Receiving the President’s award for her pursuit of excellence was retired nurse Yvonne Robin who was honoured for her nation building years in the healthcare field.

Robin began her career with a $6.00 salary, as a 14-year old teacher after attending primary school. She then choose her profession in nursing in 1961 and later became District Nurse/Midwife in various communities throughout the country, including Colonarie where she was able to resuscitate a young Ralph Gonsalves who is now Prime Minister of this country.

Humbled by the recognition given to her for her service, Robin said that she was pleased to give back to her country and was happy to have served the people of Vermont, Buccament in particular, for 17 years. Robin also had extremely high praises for the members of the HOPE Foundation, whom she commended for giving back to the community which helped to raise them.

President of HOPE Foundation Rondie Edwards outlined that his orgainstion was pleased to recognize Robin’s contribution to this nation and in particular the Vermont/Buccament areas for 17 years. Edwards stated that it was crucial to highlight the contributions of those who have built the community while rewarding those who continue to pursue excellence.

The top Common Entrance Performer was Adriann Straker who was given a Kindle e-Reader device, top CSEC performer was Veroleen Bushay was a recipient of a NOOK Reader tablet, while A’level Community College Award went to Gabrielle Myers who received a laptop.

Rozinga Straker received the HOPE award and prize money for her contribution as a entrepreneur in agriculture.(SG)