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Digicel explains Nextar benefits

Digicel explains Nextar benefits


Businesses have to evolve in order to survive in today’s technological environment and with this in mind, telecommunications provider Digicel has expanded their services to offer a number of Information Communications Technology (ICT) products and solutions.{{more}}

Members of the local business community were introduced to these ICT solutions during a forum held last Friday October 14, at the National Insurance Services (NIS) conference Room. These services are being offered through Netxar Technologies, a company Digicel acquired back in February.

Giving a bit of information on Netxar, Head of Business Development for the OECS Keigan Cox said that Netxar has won numerous regional and global awards and is also the proud holder of the Gold Certification, Master Unified Communication and Master Managed Service Partner and is a member of Cisco’s elite 1% partners out of 64,000+ partners worldwide – vital in securing and serving top corporate and public sector customers. It is based in Puerto Rico and has operations in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

Cox said that the acquiring of Netxar is a very deliberate move as Digicel’s Chairman Dennis O’Brien saw that the Caribbean needed an ICT entity that could bring quality ICT products and solutions and engineering support to entities operating in every country.

“As such the decision was taken that we needed to move the company more towards a full service provider, embracing the latest in technology”, said Cox who added that O’Brien took the bold move and acquired Netxar.

Digicel can now help businesses develop an information technology business plan while it can now give trusted advice on complex and multi vendor projects. Also, the Bigger Better Network can now provide business & technology alignment analysis as well as technology roadmap planning and justification. Businesses can approach Digicel for information technology process and methodology consulting and internet service provider offerings. Also provided are maintenance and support, networking, project management and training among other ICT solutions.

Cox also spoke about structured cabling, security and a state of the art data storage option.

Cox said that while most companies have in house servers that facilitate backup and storage of company information, “it is a risk doing that”. He added that Digicel can offer corporate entities, “and the Government” the ability to back up their important data, “within our data centre”. Cox revealed that the company can offer businesses a virtual PBX, system security (protection from hackers) and video surveillance.

“CCTV has limitations so with our new security system, you will have the ability to set your security parameters”, said Cox who added that their security systems can send information to either a desktop phone or cellular phone. He added that customers of their security services include the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT).

Cox said that Digicel is now and ICT enabler who acquired Netxar with the intention of ensuring, “as we move forward in the Eastern Caribbean that we are well position and well equipped to do so and to do so with a Digicel standard providing the best service, the best product the best staff and engineering support and to ensure that our customers are happy”.

He added that never before has the Caribbean seen a telecommunications provider embrace the portfolio of ICT in the true sense of the word.

“We now bring a world of benefit to corporate entities and we believe that we have a portfolio of solutions and products and services that are well positioned to ensure that your business can move forward with the latest of technology helping you to embrace efficiency and effectiveness”, said Cox who added that Netxar has 90 dedicated engineers with the highest level of certification available in the ICT field, particularly CISCO.

“Digicel Netxar can bring to you the biggest cadre of professionally trained engineers that can provide you with solutions, products and services for your company regardless of need”, said Cox while adding, “no other entity can bring the prices that we have and expertise that we have”.

Addressing the gathering at Friday’s forum, Netxar Pre Sales Consultant Kolade Nurse said that with the reduction of disposable income and rising energy cost among other things, the ability for some companies to address certain issues is a problem, “but we have products designed to help you”.

Digicel’s Country Manager Sonia Polius stressed, “Digicel can rebuild you; we have the technology; we can make you bigger better and faster”.

Polius described Netxar as a leading system integration company, “that has made us a full service ICT Solutions Company and we can now offer you the ICT base solutions that will enhance your company”.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is serviced by Netxar’s St. Lucia office. Persons wanting to use Netxar’s services can contact Digicel’s Head Office located in the Lewis Building on James Street. Persons can visit to learn about the wide range of services offered.