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Monkey business in classroom at the C.W. Prescod Primary School

Monkey business in classroom at the C.W. Prescod Primary School


Teachers and the students at the C.W Prescod Primary School (CWPPS) are wondering who is responsible for smearing the chalkboard in one classroom with what is suspected to be fecal matter.{{more}}

On Friday, October 14, SEARCHLIGHT received repeated reports that what appeared to be fecal matter had been used to create a drawing on the chalkboard, of a creature resembling a monkey or rodent.

The drawing, and a duster also filled with what is believed to be filth, were discovered by pupils of Grade 4, Room 19, as they made their way into the classroom on the morning of Friday, October 14.

It appears that the duster was used to create the drawing on the chalkboard.

Confirmation of the existence of the “brown monkey” came after Headteacher of the CWPPS, Hyacinth Harry, refuted the claim when SEARCHLIGHT went to investigate the matter last Friday, after receiving the calls.

Reporter Audwin Andrews said that after he introduced himself and explained his reason for being there, Harry told him that she did not want him there and denied the allegation.

Andrews described Harry’s behaviour as “loud and aggressive,” and said that she informed him that she did not want to have anything to do with SEARCHLIGHT reporters and that she was going to escort him off the compound.

Andrews’ account was confirmed by a statement made by an informant, who was at the school when the drama unfolded.

The informant told SEARCHLIGHT that after the reporter left, Harry “literally cursed the security workers”.

Meanwhile, on the issue of the filthy graffiti, SEARCHLIGHT understands that up to 3:00 pm last Friday, the filth was still on the chalkboard, Harry having locked the classroom and left the compound.

The Grade 4, Room 19 pupils spent last Friday gathered in another room with other Grade 4 pupils, the informant indicated.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Harry reported the matter to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Nicole Bonadie-Baker. It is said that Bonadie-Baker instructed Harry to write a report.

The school is frequently used by different persons for evening classes and one informant alleges that there are persons who sleep in the classrooms.(DD)