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Computer training for senior citizens at Black Point

Computer training for senior citizens  at Black Point


Very soon, more of this country’s senior citizens will be given the opportunity to be part of the Internet and all that it has to offer.{{more}}

On Tuesday, October 11, Executive Director of the National Insurance Services Reginald Thomas revealed that there are plans to introduce computer training at the Golden Years Activity Centre at Black Point.

While addressing the gathering at the handing-over ceremony for a new bus to the Centre, Thomas said that apart from the normal activities that take place during the three days at the centre, the elderly citizens can look forward the initiative that will soon be implemented.

He indicated that there is a need for the linkage between the youth and older persons of the country, “so that our traditions of yesteryear can be passed on.”

“Other than the three days of activity here at the Golden Years Centre at Black Point, what more can you look forward to?

Well, you can look forward to how to create a Facebook page. You can look forward to learning how to surf the Internet. You can look forward to what it means to go on Twitter. You can look forward to what it means to browse,” Thomas explained.

He further disclosed that the initiative is being done in collaboration with the Ministry of Technology.

“We have enhanced computerization here at this Centre, so that you or your relatives can learn a new skill and so further enhance the quality of life,” he added.

Administrator for the Centre Emily Ryan confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that the Centre already has Internet access, along with three desktop computers.(AA)