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Bus not a mobile hotel, says PM Gonsalves

Bus not a mobile hotel, says PM Gonsalves


Prospective drivers of the bus recently handed over to the Golden Years Activity Centre have been warned by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves that it is not to be regarded as a mobile hotel.{{more}}

Dr. Gonsalves’ remarks were made during a ceremony on Tuesday, October 11, when the bus was officially handed over to the facility by the National Insurance Services (NIS).

The Prime Minister said the bus had been purchased at cost of EC$93,000, but after insurance, the cost totaled over EC$100,000.

He said that it would also be costly to maintain the bus, which includes the appointment of a driver, who has to be paid.

“Whoever we get to drive this, they have to remember that this is not a mobile hotel. It is not something to park up outside a disco with yo’ woman! It is not something to be driven recklessly, because it has precious commodity, real flesh and blood people, who have fathered and mothered us…,” Gonsalves said.

Also the Minster with responsibility for Social Security, Dr. Gonsalves said care must be taken in relation to who is selected to drive the bus.

“A fella can’t drive that and smoke weed. A fella can’t drive that and drink rum. I am not saying that in order to drive this, you have to be a candidate for Pope; I am not saying that…

I am just saying, the weed, forget about that and don’t tell me you not drinking rum, but you drinking Guinness, because that can still make you lose your judgment when you are driving,” he added.

The Prime Minister’s comments brought about chuckles from the gathering, some of whom nodded in agreement.

The bus, a Nissan Civilian, has the seating capacity for 26 passengers, with a wheel chair lift to the rear.(AA)