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Teenager shot at Edinboro


Eighteen-year-old Green Hill resident Leon Barrow, who was up to press time still nursing a gunshot wound to his abdomen, remains tight-lipped about the details surrounding the shooting.{{more}}

A police press release said that Barrow, a labourer, was shot on October 7, at Edinboro.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the young man at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital earlier this week, he made it clear that he was not speaking to the media.

“Me ain dey pon no newspaper thing. Me can’t talk,” he said.

Investigations are continuing into that matter.

Police are also investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Chad Feddows, 31, Mechanic.

Feddows sustained a gunshot wound to his left hip and another wound to his head, reportedly inflicted by a bottle.

The incident is alleged to have taken place on October 7 in Kingstown.(KW)