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Disadvantaged students get assistance


The South Rivers Methodist Primary School held a distribution ceremony on Tuesday October 11, 2011, for the purpose of gifting school-related items donated by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Nurses’ Association of New York,{{more}} USA, to a cross-section of financially disadvantaged students.

On behalf of the students and the wider community of South Rivers, the Head Teacher, Julian Castello, staff, and the Parent Teacher Association accepted the generous contribution with much gratitude, conveying special thanks to Ruthlyn Brewster, a well-standing member of the South Rivers Community, who presented the donation on behalf of the Association. Specific mention was given to Association members Almira Rogers Cooper, a former South Rivers resident and past teacher at the South Rivers Methodist School, and Mona Andrews, who also originated from South Rivers. Appreciation was expressed to Ruby Woods for contributing to the cause by extending free shipping and handling of the barrels on behalf of Square Deal Shippers.

The school officials described the students’ reaction as overwhelmingly appreciative. The Head Teacher was pleased to remark that the donation was so voluminous that almost every student received an item, and he commented in particular that many were thankful for the less generic items, like toy-themed knapsacks and lunch boxes, which represent to them a high cost strata of school supplies.