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17 through to Hairoun Karaoke semis


Seventeen singers have made it to the semi-final round of the Hairoun Best of the Bars Karaoke Competition.{{more}}

The preliminary round of the competition, which was held last Saturday, October 1, brought together 33 Karaoke singers from 20 bars throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines, at the Calliaqua Culture Pot Square, in front of a capacity crowd of approximately 300 patrons.

In the first round of the competitition, singers performed a song of their choice, while in the second round, a wheel was spun, which determined which genre the song should come from. That round was the make and break of the competition, as the singers did not know the song they had to sing.

The semi-final round is slated for Saturday, October 29, at the Caliaqua Hard Court, beginning at 8:00 p.m.

The singers who have made it to the semi-final round are: Spratt-I Bar: Josette Cupid and Marsha Jackson; Cool Runnings Bar: Neroy Sam and Marvo Morgan; Sunsail: Janice Cumberbatch and Stacy Kelly; Touch of Green Bar: Joseph Caruth and Anizo Lewis and Josea Adams; Gem Isles Restaurant and Bar: Javelle Frank and Kennella Charles; Mayrena Restaurant and Bar: Kahailia Beache; Gonsalves Bar: Kenrick Tuckett; De’s Bar: Sherika Liverpool, Andre Tash, Mona Kirby and Deloris Charles.