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Haddaway struck in face after ‘Hot Gal’ boat ride

Haddaway struck in face after ‘Hot Gal’ boat ride


Allexter Haddaway, a 26-year-old Lowmans Leeward resident, is thankful that he did not lose his sight after a man struck him with an object inches away from his left eye.{{more}}

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the young man at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital yesterday, he said that the incident took place on Sunday, October 2, when he was returning from the “Hot Gal Snap Shot” boat ride, aboard the MV Jaden T.

Haddaway explained that he was involved in a fight earlier that day with two other men on the boat. Shortly after the boat docked at the Cruise Ship Terminal in Kingstown, Haddaway said a man came from behind and struck him with an object.

“Me just feel like somebody touch me from behind and when I look round I just receive a lash in my face and de person run, so me ain’t get to see his face,” Haddaway recounted.

“In ah way it could have been prevented. Me ain’t feel too pleased because I coulda lose my eye…,” he noted.(KW)