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Vincentian artists, writers, producers body launched

Vincentian artists, writers, producers body launched


Vincentian artists, writers and producers now have an umbrella under which they will receive nurturing and development for creative talents through education and training,{{more}} as well as building links and networks among other beneficial initiatives.

Going by the name Vincentian Association of artists, writers and producers Inc, the organization is the brain child of former Minister of Culture, Rene Baptise and was officially launched here on Saturday September 24.

A small gathering was in attendance for the launch that took place at Frenches House, Kingstown and was treated to a number of renditions from some of the country’s best talents.

Some of the performing artistes included, Jomo Francis with his steel pan jazz-rhythmics, a solo dance by Juanita Phillips and poetry readings from renowned authors such as Dr. Edgar Adams, Jimmy Prince and David “Darkie” Williams.

Following the presentations, a proud Baptiste stood on the podium with the registered documents for the company which she showed to the audience.

She then warned that the association has no authorized share capital, “because we are not doing anything for pecuniary gain or any profits”.

“We are not in the business of making money, that’s for the artistes, writers and producers to do,” Baptise said.

As to how the idea of the company evolved, “Mama Culture” as she has been called in recent times, explained that while she was in government “it is quite easy for these things to be spoken about and absolutely nothing could happen.

“I was determined that when I got the first opportunity to do something, I would do that within one year of leaving government shelters.”

She further explained that it was time to open the doors of opportunity that she has experienced as Minister for Culture for over ten years.

“It is time to take off the doors so that producers, artists and writers can benefit substantially from what I have learnt,” Baptise stated.

Baptiste, one of three directors for the company, described the Vincentian Association of artists, writers and producers Inc as a “cultural storm.”

This description was given by Baptiste because according to her, “the company was incorporated on September 22, 2011, which is the 56th anniversary since the passage of Hurricane Janet.”

The other directors of the company are Mark Cyrus and Cecil “Blazer” Williams.(AA)