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‘If you are fed up with life, take yours… leave me alone!’

‘If you are fed up with life, take yours… leave me alone!’


“If you are fed up with life and not happy, take your life, leave me alone; leave your wife and leave your children alone…”{{more}}

This advice has come from Pastor Noel Clarke.

Clarke expressed his view on Monday, September 19, on his weekly television program “Encounter”.

Speaking about the recent killings in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Clarke said the persons who commit these heinous crimes are being sent to prison to be fed from tax payers’ money.

“…A man willfully and presumptuously takes someone’s life, and I must take my tax payers’ money and feed you for the balance of your life? It is totally unacceptable,” Clarke said.

“…We need that money. God is not going to be mad at you, Judge. God is not going to be mad at you, Lawyer, if you let the person suffer for their consequences. The cause of all of this is sin, but provision was made for sin already on Calvary…,” Clarke stressed.

“You have no authority to take anybody’s life whatsoever,” Clarke pointed out.

According to the pastor, court cases are won on “Who could tell the biggest lie and who they believe.”

“They look for loopholes in the law because there is no perfect system. I’m warning the lawyers defending these criminals, be careful because judgment is coming,” he continued.

Terror struck the Coconut Range, Campden Park, community on September 13, when a man went on a shooting rampage and killed two women and injured two others. That same day, the decomposing body of a man was found in a sewage pit at Redemption Sharpes.

Clarke offered condolences to the relatives and family members of those persons who lost their lives last week.