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Aeropost, Digicel team up in Sandy Bay

Aeropost,  Digicel team up in Sandy Bay


Internet Shopping company Aeropost and telecommunications giant Digicel teamed up last Saturday, September 17, to bring a bit of excitement and gifts to residents of Sandy Bay and surrounding areas.{{more}}

The combined efforts of professionals from both organizations brought a bit of sunshine on a wet day to persons who chose to visit the Aeropost and Digicel booths which were set up in the yard of the former Sandy Bay Government School.

Aeropost entertained with music and giveaways of magazines and free membership, while Digicel’s cash vault allowed persons the opportunity to win credit, data packages, towels and hats. The Digicel team also gave school supplies to the children who visited the booths.

Customer Service Supervisor at Aeropost Donna Thomas-Allen said that Aeropost joined up with Digicel to come into the Sandy Bay Community in an effort to get the public on the Windward side more aware of the services offered by Aeropost, not only at their Kingstown location but at their Georgetown location as well.

“We wanted persons on this side of the island to become aware of what Aeropost can do for them. We afford you the opportunity to buy and import anything seen online for sale, and what better company to team up with than Digicel as they are so visible across the island. Digicel is indeed the bigger better network, and they always reach out to the public and know and aid the public”, said Thomas-Allen.

Added Thomas-Allen, “We can bring in anything you want, school shoes, books, bags, and we are a reputable company that has been in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the last three years, and in existence around the worlds for over 23 years”.

She added that Aeropost offers excellent customer service and allows patrons to use a system that is very straight forward and user friendly. The company also provides a debit card system that eliminates the hassle of having companies reject locally issued credit cards. Aeropost also has offices on Bequia and Union Island.

Meanwhile, Marketing Executive at Digicel Justin John said that the Digicel Aeropost collaboration is just another way of adding value to the lives of Vincentians. He added that the current ‘Value Campaign Community Event’ promotion will journey throughout the island and bring value, joy and gifts to hundreds of persons.

Said John: “Digicel is always looking at ways to improve the lives of its customers and Vincentians on a whole”.

The Digicel Aeropost collaboration continues tomorrow Saturday, September 24, in Mesopotamia, beginning from 2 p.m.