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NCCP pleads with citizens to end senseless killings


The National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP) condemns the death by shooting of two women Ingrid Jack- Franklyn and Hazel-ann James and the shooting of Simeon James and Desroy Jack who are both patients at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.{{more}}

Just a day shy of a month since the last killing in the community of Greiggs, The NCCP is again calling on citizens to stop the senseless killings which have been plaguing our Vincentian society within recent times.

The National Commission on Crime Prevention offers its condolences to the family, friends and community of Campden Park while at the same time offering hope and comfort to the family and friends of Simeon James and Desroy Jack who remain hospitalized. We condemn, without reservation, their death and injuries by shooting. The NCCP considers it ‘another coward, senseless and vicious attack on human life’.

The NCCP is deeply concerned and fearful that persons are not resolving conflicts in an amicable way. Effective and prompt action is therefore required to address issues of conflict.

The NCCP continues to abhor unnecessary and terrifying acts against humanity.

The Department is also hopeful that the initiatives employed by the authorities, private citizens, and the NCCP to stem the wave of crime will bear results in the shortest possible time as we work tirelessly ‘to build a culture of peace in this country’.