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Two men hospitalised with gunshot wounds

Two men hospitalised with gunshot wounds


Desroy Jack is a true fighter.

A victim of the last Tuesday’s shooting incident at Campden Park, the 31-year-old managed to fight off and escape the gunman’s grip. He, however, sustained a wound to his right leg.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT visited Jack at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, where he was recuperating from his injury.

Jack, the nephew of Ingrid Jack-Franklyn, one of the two women killed in Tuesday’s incident, described what happened on that fateful morning.

He had just come out of the shower and had gone into his front yard, when he saw George Franklyn, his aunt’s husband, approaching his house.

Noticing blood on Franklyn’s face, Jack said he asked him what was going on.

“The same time he pull the gun, aim it at me and pull the trigger and the gun stick, so I pick up my daughter and run with she …run into my house,” Jack related.

Jack said that his mother and his sister-in-law were also at home at the time.

He said Franklyn then shot open the front door and entered the house.

As Franklyn approached, he aimed the gun at Jack, who at that point was in the kitchen. Jack said that Franklyn shot at him once and missed, and shot at him again. This time the bullet went through his right leg.

Jack stated at this time, he began to fight with Franklyn, and eventually got the gun away from him and shoved him away. Jack said that he asked him what was wrong, and what did he (Jack) do to him.

Jack said he started to feel weak and fell to the floor, as Franklyn took out an ice pick and stabbed him in both arms and scraped his chest. Despite this, he continued to fight with Franklyn, finally managing to take away the ice pick. A neighbour then came to his assistance, and Franklyn ran off.

Jack is perplexed as to why he was shot by Franklyn.

“I don’t know, because me ain’t do nothing. I ain’t trouble him,” he said.

Jack stated that no one else who was at home that day was hurt. However, his young daughter is traumatized as she was beside him during the ordeal.

“Right now, me think they should just put him ‘pon the gallows,” Jack said, adding that the law must do something.

“People just can’t be killing people and sit down eating tax payers money…getting their family out here in pain,” Jack said.

Simeon James, 19, of Campden Park, a victim of the same incident, was also recuperating at the hospital’s ICU, but was unable to speak with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday. James sustained a bullet wound to his abdomen.

Up to press time, Franklyn was assisting police with their investigations.