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Environmental group and CWSA to host Green Walk


For the first time ever, the Union Island Environmental Attackers, in collaboration with the Sustainable Grenadines Project Inc and the CWSA/Solid Waste Management of Union Island, will be hosting a Green Walk.{{more}}

This event is set for Monday, September 19, starting at 2:30pm, and will see participation from the Stephanie Brown Primary, Mary Hutchinson Primary, the Union Island Secondary School, and other stakeholders on the island. Participants will take to the main road, starting from Clifton Hill to Mulzac Square, downtown Clifton.

Katrina Collins, the President of the Environmental Attackers, stated that the walk will coincide with the annual International Coastal Cleanup event, and is aimed at promoting a clean and green environment.

Collins further said that persons can do certain basic things that would result in a greener and cleaner environment, like turning off the lights when leaving a room, using energy efficient light bulbs, take a bag when going shopping, make your own household cleaners, recycle bottles and jars in the home, plant trees, dispose of garbage correctly.

Collins gave an example of a project that the group did a few years ago. “We took waste canvas bags and made shopping bags which we then distributed to persons in the community.” She went on to say that the primary objective of her group is to make the environment better for the people that use it. “We started picking up rubbish in the year 1999 and today we are still cleaning but we are also into other areas like bird and turtle conservation” Collins said.

The organizers of the event are asking for the general public to wear green clothing on Monday and join in on the march for a clean environment. (SG)