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LIME apologises to Blackberry customers for BBM delays


Telecommunications company LIME is apologising to its Blackberry customers for degraded Blackberry Messenger (BBM) service over the last few weeks.{{more}}

Users of the BBM service on the LIME network have complained that transmission of BBM messages has been delayed, and in some cases the messages do not go at all.

Fitz Huggins, LIME’s head of Marketing and Communications, told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday that customers have been experiencing slow data transmissions on BBM at certain times of day due mainly to traffic increases.

“This comes at a time when we are doing network upgrades to improve the customer experience. We are in the final stages of our upgrades and we expect the data throughput to improve when these upgrades are completed,” Huggins said.

He said the upgrades should be completed by late September.

“We want to apologise to our entire customer base for the degraded service, but our engineers have been aware of the problems and have been working feverishly to have these upgrades completed on time,” Huggins said.