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LIME’s Internet Summer School 2011 closes

LIME’s Internet Summer School 2011 closes


Hundreds of students and parents attended the closing ceremony of the 8th Annual LIME Internet Summer School program at the Methodist Church Hall last Wednesday, August 31.{{more}} The ceremony was hosted by LIME to hand out certificates to students who attended the summer program.

Lead Facilitator of this year’s program, Ovid Burke, gave an overview of the program and urged the students to make full use of the information gained. “You will be tempted to visit sites that are not educationally fulfilling and may get you into trouble. Please desist from visiting those sites. You now have the knowledge of building your own webpage, and I am happy that several students were more interested in building their own pages during their spare time than just surfing. LIME must be given full credit and congratulations for hosting this program once again,” said Burke.

The main objectives of the program are to provide students with an overview of the Internet and the World Wide Web with emphasis on the benefits of Internet, function of email, search engine; enable students to access Internet base current awareness tool such as News, Entertainment and Education Resources; provide an opportunity for students to visit an Internet Service Provider and get a firsthand look at its operations and Web designs.

Managing Director of LIME BECTEL, Lawrence McNaughton, delivered the feature address at the ceremony and outlined the objectives of the program. Expressing the view that this is a win-win for both students and host, he urged the parents to take advantage of LIME Internet solutions and Lenovo computer offers. Said McNaughton: “LIME firmly believes that our young people are our greatest assets. The investment in time and effort in this exercise is no accident. It is our firm belief we can provide opportunities for you to better your lives through technology. Through the use of our Lenovo computers with our Internet, you now have the tools to get online and find your own niche market. Whether it be buying and selling on EBay, creating your own handicraft to sell online, or information processing, the possibilities are endless, but specifically for the students, we urge you to use the internet for your schoolwork, and research. Practice makes perfect, so use every occasion to put what you have learned to use.”

Organizer of the event and LIME Head of Human Resources, Sandra Matthews, thanked the large gathering and program facilitators. She challenged the young ones to take advantage of the positive aspects of the net; utilize it for academic enhancement or achievement. “The important thing is to keep positive, inquire when in doubt. I must tell you there are disadvantages of using the web as well as there are advantages. As you know, the net is a new and improved method of doing quick and accurate researches. While it may be a positive enhancement, it can also be a poisonous method of communication, where it can destroy a person’s character as well as your own. Our world is a cruel place in which our young people are victims,” said Matthews.