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Full moon drum circle event for Villa Beach


A full moon drum circle will be held at the Villa beach next Monday evening.{{more}}

The event, which will be hosted by Anthony Bacchus in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture, begins at 8:00 p.m.

A release from the Ministry of Culture said the night is one of “self expression, drumming, dancing and singing.” They have, therefore, invited everyone, including drummers and dancers to attend, and bring along their Drums and Shakers as well as their Acoustic Guitars, Flutes, Saxophones and Steel Pans.

The aim of the event is to stimulate the unity of the drummers and dancers and to stimulate Arts and crafts throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

A special attraction on the night will be a limbo competition.

The Full Moon Event was officially launched in July 2011 at the Heritage Square via Richie’s. Two other events were held in St. Vincent. One at the Sunsail Beach Hotel in July 2011, and the other at the Villa Beach in August 2011.

“All Sail Boats and Yachts are specially invited to this event. This event is a family oriented atmosphere for positive minds that are looking for a stress release; well that’s exactly what drums do. Free your mind, body and soul,” a release from the Ministry said.

A drum Circle is a group of people in a circle playing hand drums. Rather than a staged performance, the drummers play their drums spontaneously. The circles range from just a few to thousands of drummers.