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Government resumes low income housing project

Government resumes low income  housing project


The Ministry of Housing is continuing its low income housing project after a brief pause.{{more}}

Permanent Secretary Luis deShong in an interview with National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) radio said the break was due to attention being paid to the areas which were affected by the passage of Hurricane Tomas last year, and the floods in Georgetown earlier this year.

deShong said his Ministry is continuing to construct low income houses in Clare Valley and preparing to begin another low income housing programme in Green Hill. He said they intend to construct 130 low income houses in Clare Valley.

“We have projected to build 130 low income houses in Clare Valley. So far, we have completed 30 houses, and 10 are currently under construction. We are preparing to start constructing another 80, and this is all under the low income housing bracket,” he said.

deShong also disclosed that 60 low income houses will be constructed at Green Hill. He said that a bridge is presently being installed, and the government is making the final arrangements for the acquisition of 10 acres of land to begin the construction of the homes.

Low income houses have already been built at Peter’s Hope, Ottley Hall, Brighton, Diamond and Green Hill.