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Williams – Different methods of rehabilitation needed for prisoners

Williams – Different methods of rehabilitation needed for prisoners


Crown counsel in the Director of Public Prosecution’s (DPP) office Carl Williams is of the view that persons could be rehabilitated differently, rather than just sitting in jail.{{more}}

Williams was at the time speaking at the closing of the High Court’s Criminal Assizes, on Friday, July 29. He said that there should be some other form of punishment for prisoners.

“They are just sitting behind the walls…. They should be put to clean walls, schools, so people can see that they are doing something,” Williams opined.

He said there is also a great concern about the number of young people being sentenced by the Magistrate’s Court.

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle endorsed Williams’ comments and said that prisoners should be made to do work. “They can cut down trees, clean roadsides; it’s all part of the rehabilitation process…They lounge all day, wasting valuable resource. Use them to do work!” Bruce-Lyle urged.

He said he will be making a suggestion to the authorities concerning the matter and thanked Williams for his bringing the issue to the fore front.