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PSU offers financial assistance to students


Twenty-two recipients, including five new scholarship awardees, have received their annual financial contributions for the next academic year, courtesy the Public Service Union.{{more}}

The five new scholarship awardees: Deandra Haynes, Gabrielle Mulrain, Ajay Daniel, Soboto McDowall and Akeem Rivierre joined the 17 other scholarship holders.

The twenty-two students also qualified for the subsistence allowance of $75 per term.

The financial assistance is good for the duration of each recipient’s secondary school career and for the two years after should the student go on to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, on the condition that they maintain a good academic standing.

Another thirteen students also received one off payments, or bursaries valued at $100.

Candace Lewis, Chairperson of the Education Committee, explained that the financial assistance was the PSU’s way of showing its interest in the educational development of the children of its membership.

Lewis urged the students to continue to strive for excellence.

“On your journey you will encounter many obstacles,” she said.

It was also important to have set goals, Lewis continued, adding that it was important for the students to make use of the opportunity that was being made available to them.

“An investment in education is an investment in you,” Lewis said.

Shanee Wickham, featured speaker and former PSU scholarship recipient, also encouraged the students to take advantage of the opportunities.

In light of the many scholarship opportunities that are now available to students, Wickham said that it was important to continue to work hard.

“If you don’t persevere then you are not going to make it,” she said. (DD)