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Mother has three children with same birthdays – different years!

Mother has three children with same birthdays – different years!


In Jasmine Gaymes’s household, August 9 is something of a special day. Not just because that was when her newborn son arrived; but because two of her other children were also born on that day!{{more}}

And the Lodge Village resident insists that this was not planned – simply coincidence.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Gaymes, she confided that she had thought the most recent addition to the family, Lukas, would be born on August 8, because it was on that day she went into labour. However, fate seemed to have other plans.

“He probably wanted to be born on the ninth,” she joked.

Gaymes said that when she was taken to hospital, she called a friend to tell her what was happening, and even mused that this was looking like another of her five children being born on August 9.

But her friend said that would be too much of a coincidence, instead predicting that the baby would be born on August 10.

Gaymes said that all her children’s births were natural, and there was no premeditation in their conception.

Her eldest child, 17-year-old Tevin, and her middle child, 13-year-old Chelsea, also share this unsual birth-date.

Gaymes also has five-year-old Luke (born May 23) and 15-year-old Shane, who was born on August 16.

One would have thought that with three siblings sharing the same birthday, at least one of them would be miffed that they have to share their special day with two others. However, their mother said it is quite the opposite!

“They had an argument about whose birthday they wanted the baby to [be] born,” she laughed.

Shane, in particular, was rooting for Lukas to be born on his birthday (August 16) because Chelsea and Tevin already shared August 9.

But there was no such luck for the teenager.

And multiple birthdays seem to run in the family. Gaymes’s mother and aunt (sisters) were both born on September 18, of different years.

Gaymes said that contrary to what most might think, having three children born on the same day is actually very handy.

“It’s more convenient,” she explained.

“Last year we celebrated their birthdays by having a beach splash… for the three of them. Next year we’ll do it for all four of them!”

Gaymes, an entrepreneur who specialises in clothing and accessories, said that she does not plan on having any more children. However, she confided that if she did, she would not be surprised if that child popped out on August 9, as well.

After chuckling at the thought, and watching Lukas as he stretched his tiny limbs, Gaymes replied: “It probably might be!”

In an article (Daily Mail Online, ‘Couple’s three children born on same day’, Oct 13, 2010) about a couple who also have three children born on the same day, Roger Heath-Brown, professor of Pure Mathematics at Oxford University, said the odds of a couple’s children all being born on the same date were 48,627,125 to one.

He added: “It really is a very unusual occurrence.”

Up to press time, SEARCHLIGHT could not acertain whether Gaymes’s case was the first to have occurred in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

This has also happened to Kim and Martin MacKriell, of Gloucester, UK, who have three children born on January 29; Pamela and Lee Collins, Of South Wales, UK, whose three children were born on February 5; Jenna and William Cotton, of Ohio, USA, whose three children shares birthdays on October 2; and California residents Erin and Allan Paez, who also have three children born on July 30.