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Bishop’s College Kingstown student wins LIME iPad

Bishop’s College Kingstown student wins LIME iPad


Sixteen-year-old resident of Sion Hill, Terrisha Abraham, got a slice of luck for summer when she won a state of the art Apple iPad from LIME.{{more}}

With just weeks left before the commencement of another school year, the fifth form student of Bishop’s College Kingstown had a choice of prizes, but chose the Apple iPad, instead of the enticing Blackberry Torch.

Asked why she chose the iPad, Terrisha explained: “The iPad is state of the art and has all the features you can find in a computer. The choice was clear, especially since the one laptop per child initiative. I can use my iPad to do my research for school assignments. It is wireless and feature rich. I am so excited. Thank you LIME.”

But Terrisha’s luck would not have been possible if her father Terrance Abraham did not allow her to use his LIME phone to text “Summer” to 6263 in the summer promotion.

Acting Country Manager Leslie Jack commented: “LIME is the Caribbean’s most innovative full service telecommunications provider. We recently teamed up with Apple to offer the iPhone 4 first in the Caribbean. We have offered several prizes before to customers who won iPads before Terrisha. The choice of prizes must have been a challenge to Terrisha since the Blackberry Torch in itself is a very great prize as well. This speaks to the value we offer to our customers when they take part in our promotions.”

This exciting summer continues at LIME as the students are preparing to go back to school in style with the Students Megalite Internet package to support the “one Laptop per child” initiative.