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Alleyne’s top student for Dr JP Eustace Memorial in CXC

Alleyne’s top student for Dr JP Eustace Memorial in CXC


Kevon Alleyne says that he did not expect that he would have done as well in the recent Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.{{more}}

Alleyne was the Dr J.P Eustace Memorial’s top student in this year’s examinations, recording eight out of nine passes.

He got one grade one in English A; three grade two’s in Information Technology, Principles of Business and Social Studies, and four grade three’s in Caribbean History, English B, Human and Social Biology and Mathematics.

His story is unique in that Alleyne has been enrolled in at least three of this country’s schools throughout his secondary school career.

He said that he spent the first three years of his secondary education at the St Vincent Grammar School.

Having to repeat, and after his family moved from the Kingstown area, Alleyne said that he was transferred to the North Union Secondary School and then after just one year, they relocated back into Kingstown, causing him to spend forms 4 and 5 at the Dr. J P Eustace Memorial.

The moving had little or no impact on him, Alleyne explained, saying that “It was kind of strange for the first few weeks, but I adapted quickly.”

He admits to being a bit lazy, but said that he has been told that he has the potential.

“Most of the times my full potential doesn’t come out because of my laziness, but I still did well anyway, although I won’t give the teachers the full response,” Alleyne told SEARCHLIGHT.

He, however, attributes his success to his former teachers and to his mom, Leoline Jones, who he said was there throughout his schooling.

The young man says that he is thinking about pursuing a career in business law, but said that he is an avid music fan and loves writing and making music.

“That might become a career for me,” he said.

Alleyne said that he never allowed the negative publicity associated with the Dr. J.P. Eustace Memorial to affect him.

“I thought that the teachers are qualified, the students are not that bad as there are only a handful of students that make the school look bad, but I recognized that anywhere you go you can excel,” he said. (DD)