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VINSA hosts lecture in celebration of its 30th Anniversary

VINSA hosts lecture in celebration of its 30th Anniversary


As part of celebrations marking the 30th Anniversary of the existence of the Vincentian Student Association (VINSA) Cave Hill, the executive hosted a lecture at Frenches House, last Thursday, August 11.{{more}}

This lecture is the second in a three-part series of lectures, hosted under the theme: “Realizing Potentials and Encouraging Creativity – VINSA Cave Hill Celebrates 30”

This particular night saw the feature address being delivered by Luke Browne, a former president of the UWI Cave Hill Guild of Students, Rhodes Scholar and politician.

Brown presented on the topic of the night: “After 31 years of Independence, has tertiary education truly transformed society into a more knowledge-based one?”

He noted, with some aplomb, that there has been, upon the turn of the century, a marked thrust toward the pursuit of studies in tertiary education. Citing figures, gleaned from the now Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as evidence of this thrust, he showed that the number of persons granted student loans has increased significantly from 20 in 1998, to 164 ten years later, in 2008.

With a significant number of those loans being granted to economically disadvantaged persons, he urged the audience to appreciate how this crop of persons, coming from now more varied socio-economic backgrounds, would clearly encourage society to be more knowledge-based and informed.

Additionally, he noted that donor organizations from all over the globe have contributed significantly to helping Vincentians gain tertiary education. Pointing out that scholarships came from the governments of Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Taiwan, Turkey, Malaysia, Morocco and even New Zealand, it was postulated that these far-flung and varied learning environs would bring specialized knowledge, thereby increasing the knowledge base in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Brown summed up his presentation, strong in the assertion that tertiary education is indeed transforming society into a more informed and knowledge-based one and emphasized that there needs to be a plan of action as to how best to utilize those who do access tertiary education.

VINSA wraps up its lecture series next Thursday, at the same venue, with an address from Joel Providence, which Special Projects Coordinator of the group Shamir Francois, a 2nd year Accounting and Finance student, urges the public to attend. As the brain behind the lecture series, he notes that much can be learned from attendance. Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT with Annaza Simmons, the treasurer, they further pointed out that this lecture series is only a precursor to a larger series of celebratory events coming in October and hope that as they forge ahead industriously, local business houses would be inclined to offer financial support to VINSA in this venture.(PM)