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Vincentian musician excels in the USA

Vincentian musician excels in the USA


Ruth-Ann Lewis is a Vincentian-born musician who traveled to the USA to complete her studies in Classical piano performance. She currently holds a Master’s degree in this area from the Bob Jones University and is diligently working towards her Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music (FRSM).{{more}}

Lewis began her public performance career at a young age and was able to achieve a gold and two silver medals for piano solo, piano duo and steel pan solo at the St. Vincent Music festival in 1998. Her mother, Carol A. Darlene Lewis, was sole proprietor and founder of a piano music school, “Chamber Music Academy”, at the time; this school still continues as White Chapel Music Teaching Studio, under the direction of her brother Floyd Parris, who is the present Representative for ABRSMin SVG. Much of Lewis’ early experience in music teaching began at that school, as well as her exposure to vocal and piano performance in churches and piano performance for ABRSM testing, attaining certificates up to Grade 5.

She continued her piano studies in the US at the New England Conservatory of Music (NEC), completing an academic certificate. She also held and assisted in private music lessons during her stay in the States, teaching people from across the globe: Indian, Jewish, Latin American, Portuguese, Cape Verdian, African-American, Euro-American etc. She maintained a Music Minister position, which entailed teaching and leading adult and youth choirs; planning the music for services and church programs; playing the organ and piano; and leading instrumental groups. One of the things she enjoyed the most was to provide summer youth music and arts camps as not-for-profit. Children between the ages of 4 and 18 heard and explored the love of Jesus through the arts. They traveled and shared what they learned with other congregations, using music, drama, art, public speaking, and dance. Lewis was able to work with and organize many wonderful teachers who were willing to spend their time and energy to establish relationships with these youth. In this way, she has followed the path her Christian matriarchs, Annette Parris-McKie and Darlene Lewis, left for her.

Ruth-Ann Lewis has worked at the Wang Center for Arts in Boston, USA; traveled and accompanied Gospel Choirs; played for 3 distinct Contemporary Christian Music Bands; and, performed four 1-hour long Classical piano concerts. Lewis has explored music philosophy, ethnomusicology, conducting and composition; and had instruction on other instruments such as organ, harp, guitar, and cello. She also has many interests such as languages, archery, cricket, martial arts, and pencil drawing. She hopes to release a sacred piano album in 2011, along with a companion sheet music book and is currently working on subsequent albums with African American Spirituals and Classical piano music.