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Malcolm refutes sister’s allegations that they are trying to kill her

Malcolm refutes sister’s allegations that they are trying to kill her


by Junior Jarvis

Relatives of Hyacinth Pollin are refuting allegations made by the woman that they are trying to kill her.{{more}}

On Wednesday, August 10, Hyacinth’s older brother Malcolm, accompanied by the siblings’ mother Iney and another relative visited SEARCHLIGHT’s office at Lower Kingstown Park, in an attempt to give their side of the story, in relation to statements Hyacinth made in SEARCHLIGHT’s Midweek edition of August 9.

Malcolm, who indicated that he is the main care provider for their 72-year-old mother, said that claims by his sister that she was, among other things, the provider for their mother were false, and that his mother is not happy with the conditions under which she currently lives at her home.

“She talk about a ‘master room’; it is not a master room, it is just a room where they put her with everything in one. She has no access to the toilet in the house, she have no access to the rest of the house, she has to stool in a pail and bathe at a pipe outside.”

Malcolm also said that claims that Hyacinth funded the repair and renovations, as well as the payments to Housing and Land Development Corporation, were inaccurate.

According to Malcolm, other siblings who are based overseas provided money for the renovation of the property, while other material was donated to the home after the passage of Hurricane Tomas.

He also says he does not know how his sister gained a title deed to the home.

“Housing claim to say that no papers were done by them; these papers were done outside. She took in the papers to Housing and say that she (Iney) turned over the place to her; that is the report we get from Housing.”

Mother Iney, contributing to the discussion, claimed that she is uncomfortable with the conditions that she is currently living under, and says she never gave the property to her daughter.

“I have to give somebody permission to take off my name; I never give nobody permission to take my name off,” the matriarch said.

The mother of ten refuted Hyacinth’s claims that she takes care of her, and says she just wants her home back.

The relatives also questioned Hyacinth’s claim about the number of children she has, as well as who all reside with her and Iney at the Pepper Village, Vermont home.

Malcolm stressed that the reason he and his other siblings are wrangling with their sister, is not so that they can lay claim to the home, but because they believe that everyone should have access to the place, since they were all contributors to its renovation and repair.

He said that his sister should do the right thing and admit that she had made false claims.

“We trying to leave it as a family property so that anyone who come and don’t have anywhere to stay can come there and stay. We don’t need it to belong to anyone of us.”

“My sister have the face of an angel, but… if she ain’t like you and she coming round that corner and see you, she will pull off she clothes and bawl murder….”