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Bishop: Stop fighting with God!

Bishop: Stop fighting  with God!


By Leslie-Anna Joseph

In anticipation they waited, members and visitors alike, for the climax of the four nights of meetings at the New Life Ministries Church in North Union.{{more}}

‘Time to Break all Barriers’ was his theme, “Crisis comes on the chord of pain” his thought for the night.

Vincentian-born Bishop Ishmael Charles, who resides in the British Virgin Islands, once again left many hearts encouraged, minds motivated, lives changed, ready for their ‘battle’ during his week of services here from July 24 to 28.

To shed light to his theme for the night, the Bishop quoted the scripture, 1 John 4:17: “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.

“Understand who you are in God”, he told the church. “Understand the blood of Jesus”, he remarked. “Every bondage needs to be broken”; “Stop fighting with people”; “Stop fighting with society”; he continued and “stop fighting with God”, he exclaimed.

Bishop Charles paused his sermon at this moment, and upon conviction of the Holy Spirit gave a special word to someone. At this time silence pressed through the crowd. “This is the last call for someone,” he said. “Break the barriers”, “Step up”, “Rise up in your spirit”, “Do what God is calling you to do”, he declared. “Are you not tired of who you are?”

Bishop Charles was on a mission to bring the word of God, and so he did. No holding back. “The church has become a routine for many, as dead as a grave yard”, he exclaimed. The devil is a liar he said. Quoting Isaiah 61:1, he reminded believers that they were no longer bound to shame and to remember that what God says they shall possess they will possess.

Bishop Charles also encouraged believers to be above average in their lives. The average man he defined as easy going, very cool, no trouble maker; the below average man as the rum man, jail man, one who makes the news headlines, he explained. But the above average man, he stands tall, rises above talks; be that man, Charles pleaded. Bishop Charles also encouraged his audience to quit worrying about people, lawful or unlawful, he says. We are all born in sin: born in shame, he proclaimed. But the shame barrier is broken! God doesn’t leave his own comfortless. ‘The making of your future does not depend on human intelligence, how the government, the church, and society feels about you, but by your faith from the word of God! ‘No shame can block God out’, Charles exclaimed, and by this time, sounds of praise burst into the air, hands raised in an attitude of thanksgiving and worship to God.

In an already hyped atmosphere, Bishop Charles continued his sermon, telling believers to speak to their enemies and see their enemies ambush themselves.

“The higher you go in this life, the greater your barrier, but so, too, is your faith, Charles attested. Let the fullness of God protect you, for there no demon can get to you”.

Bishop Charles, bringing closure to his sermon, commanded the church to walk in the principles and concepts of God, to move from a professional status to start mentoring saints. To move from a celebrity status to encountering saints. To move from attracting crowds to seeking the lost and from a believing status to belonging.

Bishop Charles and his delegation left St. Vincent on Friday, July 29.