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Bequia sewing Club up and running

Bequia sewing Club up and running


In June of 2010, a garment construction programme began in Bequia under the Adult and Continuing Education Division. This course was facilitated by Gloria Lewis and co-ordinated by Terah Smith.{{more}} During the course, many of the participants developed a close bond that continued even after they graduated.

Since then, some of the participants have been using the skills and techniques acquired from the programme to supplement their income, developing successful entrepreneurship, independence and financial stability.

Some members decided to start sewing together, and thus began the Bequia Sewing Club. The club consists of eight members who have pooled their resources to provide assets for the club. At present the club operates at the Adult and Continuing Education centre in Port Elizabeth.

The sewing club became fully functional in June of 2011, with all the economic down turns and recession facing developed and developing countries alike, people cannot afford not to be productive in every little way. With that aim and the inspiration of the co-ordinator, Terah Smith, the club decided to give back to the community by providing school uniforms for any level at affordable rates to the residents of Bequia.

At the moment the club is busy completing orders and is in the process of binding themselves together to form a co-operative. The club is, therefore, asking for the public’s support by placing their orders early to avoid the rush.