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SVGTV digs deep into the community


As SVG begins to celebrate Emancipation month, SVGTV, part of the SVG Broadcasting Corporation, will urge Vincentians to take pride in their traditions and way of life,{{more}} through its newest TV feature ‘Chronicles of a Community…beyond the surface’, due to be launched on Wednesday, August 10, on SVGTV at 7:50 p.m.

‘Chronicles of the Community …beyond the surface’ will seek to showcase human interest stories reflecting the culture, traditions and way of life of the Vincentian people, which are not often highlighted in the regular newscasts on SVGTV. The program, through professional and investigative journalism by SVGTV’S reporters, will educate the viewing public about themselves and the different elements of the way of life in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Program manager of SVGTV Maxian Harry said “This new program will be one that will be of interest to all viewers, for it will cover just about every aspect of the Vincentian way of life and what happens around them, from social to environmental issues”. He further stated: “The selected airing time of the program was chosen because of the high viewing audience surrounding the News package and on night time generally”.

Due to the educational content of the programs, SVGTV intends to hand over copies of the program to the National Library, as well as schools, for the use of students. The program will be aired every Wednesday night at 7:50 and a 30 minute program of the month’s features will be rebroadcast at the end of each month, ‘Chronicles of our Community……beyond the surface’ will include, among others, topics such as stray dogs in community, with input from a veterinarian, and a look at tourism sites and how they are affected by natural disasters. It will be hosted the SVGTV’s News Editors and presented by reporters of the SVGTV News Department.