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New bus fares to be known today


Some commuters across the country will be expected to soon pay more to travel, following a decision by Cabinet to approve proposed increases in bus fares.{{more}}

Senator Julian Francis, Minister of Transport and Works told SEARCHLIGHT that the new fares were gazetted yesterday, Monday, August 8.

He did not reveal any details, except to indicate that the increases agreed to were not substantial and would be implemented in fourteen destinations.

“What we sat down and discussed, those are what were approved,” Francis said.

Meanwhile, Anthony Bacchus representing the National Omnibus Association (NOBA), when contacted, said that he could not yet comment on the increases, because members of the association had not yet seen the approved increases.

“We know what we proposed, but we do not know what has been approved,” Bacchus told SEARCHLIGHT, adding that they would now have to wait and see what Cabinet approved.

Last week’s meeting averted a planned strike by mini-bus owners and operators who were calling on the government to grant an increase in fares.

The recent increase will be the first since Cabinet approved an increase in fares in 2005.

However, those 2005 rates were not implemented on all routes until recently.

A list of the approved increases was expected to be released to the media today, according to Francis.