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Let the court decide; please leave me and my kids alone

Let the court decide; please leave me and my kids alone


Mother of two, Hyacinth Pollin, wants to be left in peace in the home that she says she owns.{{more}}

The Pepper Village, Vermont resident claims that she is being harassed by a number of her siblings, because they believe that she has taken claim of the family home to which they say they all should have access.

“I would like the nation to know that if anything happen to me when they tek me out, is them that tek me out; because it’s me alone and I am scared.”

Pollin said that the harassment and threats began some years ago, after she had legally taken over the payments of a low income home that had originally belonged to her mother, when her mother was no longer able to continue making the payments.

She claims that during that period she renovated the home, which was once gutted by fire and left in a poor condition.

Pollin said that she had taken a loan to make the house more hospitable, and put her mother into a ‘master room’.

Now Pollin, the proprietor of a bar in the village, is afraid to leave her mother and 12 and eight-year-old daughters Nelisha and Nellia at home, or do business at her establishment.

“They are talking about drive-by shooting and they said that because is so many of them after me, the police will have to let them go if anything happen.”

Pollin said that she made reports of the threats and harassment meted out to her to police at the Vermont Police Station, but her plight has been dismissed as a ‘family issue’.

“One time when I was making a report at the station of harassment, somebody came by and told me that they throw a pail of stool in my porch. The police never came by until the next day, after it was cleaned up,” she said.

However, according to Pollin, when her relatives made a report that she had threatened to throw acid on them or shoot them, reports she said were false, her home and business place were raided by the authorities.

Attempts to have the siblings cease and desist their actions through a lawyer’s letter have failed and may have even stoked their tempers.

She said a recent court appearance concerning the matter almost left her hospitalized, when up to 11 of her relatives attacked her, causing her to seek refuge in a business place not too far from the court.

“I don’t know what else to do. I’m praying for peace every night, but every morning they come at me.

“They turn my mother against me; they even bring my father, who left me since I was seven years old into this,” Pollin lamented.

“My children are scared and I am even thinking of giving up everything and leaving.

“They say I drunk my mother to get the house. They say is a false deed. Well, if it is a false deed, let the court decide it is a false deed; but please leave me and my kids alone,” Pollin begged.