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ECCO pays 1/4 million in royalties to members

ECCO pays 1/4 million in royalties to members


In what is being heralded as a milestone achievement by the small regional Collective Management Organization, the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Rights (ECCO) Inc. on Friday,{{more}} August 5, 2011, distributed royalties to its members and members of affiliated societies around the world for performances of their music in St. Lucia and the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Although ECCO (formerly HMS) has an unbroken 10-year record of distributing royalties earned in St. Lucia, members throughout the Eastern Caribbean region have for the first time benefited from revenue and performance data from Dominica.

Members and affiliates will share a revenue pool of $245,000, representing ECCO’s operating surplus for the period 2010. Approximately $50,000 will be paid direct to ECCO members in the form of allocations and the balance paid on performance data from the specified territories.

ECCO General Manager Steve Etienne says “Our licensing activities in Dominica have borne fruits, to the benefit of our members, particularly for those based in Dominica. Similar efforts in Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the years ahead will generate larger revenue surplus for distributing against the regions diverse performance data pool to benefit the region’s songwriters”.