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Crime situation in SVG alarming, says High Court Judge Bruce-Lyle


Resident High Court Judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle says St Vincent and the Grenadines is too small to be having such high levels of crime.{{more}}

Speaking at the closing of the Criminal Assizes on Friday, July 29, Bruce-Lyle said: “The crime situation in this country is alarming…We have to sit back and re-think and get rid of selfishness….”

The High Court judge said if the trend in crime continues, he is not sure he would want to retire here.

“If we don’t re-think, we are heading for trouble…,” he continued.

Bruce-Lyle said that the police need to be commended for the great job they have been doing, but instead persons are only criticising.

“They are performing well. I just find the public criticism overbearing. Rather than criticising, they should be commended.”

The judge thanked the jurors, staff of the court and policemen for carrying out their duties to the society and country.

Vice President of the local Bar Association Jomo Thomas delivered brief remarks. Attorney Grant Connell also made a brief statement.

Crown Counsel Sejilla McDowall, Carl Williams and Colin John also gave brief remarks along with Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams.