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Choppins woman just wants to finish her home

Choppins woman just wants to finish her home


Mary Ann Greaves says that she will complete the construction of her house at Choppins, despite the resistance being put up by some residents of that community.{{more}}

A distraught Greaves told SEARCHLIGHT that ever since she began building her family home on a plot of family land, residents have been trying to stop her.

According to the woman, the situation has worsened, as one of her siblings has also joined in with the other members of the community.

Greaves said that she was born and grew up in the area.

She left the area some 14 years ago and relocated to Fairbaine Pasture, where she said she built an abode on land which was leased for a period of time.

After the lease on the land expired in 2009, Greaves said that she decided to return to Choppins and build her house there.

Although it has been a while since she moved out from the area, Greaves said that she used to visit Choppins regularly and that she and the very residents with whom she is now feuding, got along.

The issues arose only after she began construction on her home, she said.

“I never had any problems except for one other neighbour, who I never really got along with,” Greaves said.

The apparent feud between her and the nearby residents is not the major issue, Greaves said.

“I let that pass, but everytime I go there, they keep throwing words like they nah wah me around dey and tings like dat,” she lamented.

Once construction started, Greaves said that her brother also tried all he could to prevent her from doing so.

But Greaves produced the paperwork proving that she had received permission to begin construction.

Even the claim that part of Greaves’ house is resting on a nearby plot has been settled legally, as permission was granted by the land’s owner.

When all legal attempts failed, Greaves said that her brother and some of the residents have resorted to other measures.

Measures include blocking the road to prevent delivery trucks from dropping off supplies, Greaves said, adding that she has even been threatened.

She contends that she has every right to build there, saying that since her mother died a few years ago, she has been the one paying the property tax on the piece of land, although her brother also lives there.

The land is still in her grandmother’s name, Greaves explained, but she said that she will be looking to do the legal work to have it changed.

Above all else, she says that she wants an end to the feud.

“I want to finish my house. I decided to put this in the newspapers, so people will know what’s going on,” she said.

“I don’t know what to do after this,” Greaves lamented.

She said that she is prepared to complete the house.

“I am not afraid of them, I just want my peace, because I know I have all my rights in my hands,” Greaves said.