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RRL members get advance training on HF/SSB communication

RRL members get advance training on  HF/SSB communication


As part of its on-going training program, the Rainbow Radio League Inc.{{more}} (RRL) staged another training session for its members on Sunday, July 31, 2011, which focused specifically on HF/SSB communications.

HF/SSB communications allows radio operators to make contact with other local regional and international stations and is the most reliable form of communications in post disaster situations when no phone service is available.

Most local radio amateurs use VHF communication, which is very effective for local and short distance coms, but HF (high frequency) SSB (single side band) radios use the ionosphere to reflect radio signals back to earth, sometimes several thousand miles away. HF/SSB is very effective in communicating with stations in remote locations like Fancy, Owia, Mayreau, Union Island, Spring Village, South Rivers and Chateaubelair, to name a few communities not easily accessible by VHF radio.

The activity was attended by 30 persons, 20 of them being licensed radio operators. The training activity was conducted by senior members of the RRL, including Winston Jeffery – J88AZ, Claude Richards – J85M, and Donald De Riggs – J88CD. The activity was conducted at Fort Charlotte and the RRL wishes to thank the SVG Port Authority for using the premises to conduct this valuable training.

This is the second training session organized by the RRL for its members this year, the first session being in May in preparation for the 2011 hurricane season. That activity was held in the Marriaqua district.