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Gumbsy up for President of Calypsonian Association

Gumbsy up for President of Calypsonian Association


Calypsonian Nilio “Gumbsy” Gumbs will put himself forward for the office of President of the Calypsonian Association, at the next general meeting of the Association.{{more}}

Gumbs, who said he has the support of “several other calypsonians” disclosed this during an interview with the SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday August 2, 2011. He presented a written proposal during the interview, which included recommendations for several issues such as judging, discussion forums and the holding of bi-yearly meetings.

Commenting on the issue of presidency, Gumbs stated that he has the backing of several calypsonians and will put himself forward to be nominated. He added that several calypsonians have related their ‘reservations’ with the functioning of current executive.

Gumbs noted that some short comings observed are that the “CDC (Carnival Development Corporation) imposes decisions on calypsonians…basically it should be the other way around, where we make recommendations to the CDC,” he stated. Though stating that “I may be wrong…,” Gumbs said that this was what was related to him.

He added that many calypsonians also feel that the association is not looking out for their best interest, and that there is also a comparison of the present leadership with those of the past.

Giving his ideas for the progress of the Association, Gumbs said that the process of decision making would be made transparent, adding that he wants to create a Calypsonian Council who will sign off on decisions made by the executive of the association.

Gumbs also stated that there should be a rotation of judges for calypso competitions, and the inclusion of regional judges. He stated that this will improve the quality of judging. He added that an auditor should also be present, who will collect the scores after each song rendered by a Calypsonian.

Gumbs also proposed the inclusion of the Semi-Finals as a part of the 10 days of carnival activities, the hosting of a calypso competition during Nine Mornings and working along with radio stations to ensure that certain calypsos with smut or ‘strong sexual connotations’ in their lyrics are only played at particular times.

Gumbs also called for a general meeting to be held no later than September 15, 2011 to discuss pressing issues within the Calypso Association.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke with current president of the Association Hassan Kennedy on Wednesday August 3, 2011.

Refusing to comment directly on any proposal made by Gumbs, Kennedy stated that Gumbs’ views are what he (Gumbs) considers as the best way forward for the artform. Kennedy however disclosed that a general meeting will be held soon.