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Four page TV Guide coming to Searchlight next Tuesday


Next Tuesday, August 9, an exciting new feature will be added to the Midweek SEARCHLIGHT.{{more}}

Interactive Media Ltd., publisher of SEARCHLIGHT, has announced that beginning next week, their Tuesday paper will include a four-page cable television guide featuring 44 channels from Karib Cable’s basic package.

The guide, which will be a free insert in the newspaper, will include the channels’ prime time line up from 5:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

The guide also includes “Best Bets”, which are recommendations of good shows to watch each evening, as well as a weekly full length feature which will either be synopses of soaps; celebrity spotlights; reviews, overviews or profiles of tv programmes; celebrity scoops; puzzles or word searches; lifestyle features related to food, home and garden, fitness, health, travel and style; and cooking show features.

For the month of August, synopses of the soap operas will be featured, with the focus in September being Lifestyle Features. In October, celebrities will be in spotlight, with Cooking shows being on the front burner in November.