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120 children participate in CLASP Annual Summer Programme

120 children participate in CLASP Annual Summer Programme


by Peter Marshall Fri, Aug 5. 2011

Last Friday, July 22, the multipurpose room of the National Public Library was transformed into a kaleidescope of colours as various pieces of art, craft and creative writing were on display.{{more}}

These presentations were part of creations done by the 120 children aged 7 to14 participating in the Children’s Library Annual Summer Programme (CLASP) 2011. This initiative, put on by the Department of Libraries and spearheaded by the acting director Trisha-Ann Job Moses, ran from July 11 to 22.

The objectives of the programme, according to Moses, were to develop children’s literacy skills, promote and encourage reading, develop creative skills, and help children become responsible members of the society.

As such, they were involved in a variety of sessions. These included phonics classes for the 7-8 year group and creative writing for the 9-14 year olds. These classes were both facilitated by specialist teachers from the Curriculum Unit within the Ministry of Education.

In addition to these educational and craft making sessions, personal development sessions on crime prevention, conflict resolution and self esteem building were also hosted. Additionally, the children got the opportunity to travel to the St. Vincent National Trust Headquarters, the Argyle International Airport site and the Balcombe Estate on field trips.

The Department of Libraries also hosted summer programmes at the Lowmans Windward Public Library from July 11 to 22, and at the Marriaqua Public Library from July 18 to 22.

The Department of Libraries’ summer programmes are not over, however, as two more summer programs are presently taking place at the Barrouallie and Evesham libraries. They are running from the July 11 to 29 and July 18 to 29, respectively. A sumemr programme at the Owia Library runs from August 2 to 12.